Patient-Doctor Alliance Overview


Legal and Financial Protection
"Peace of Mind Solutions"

Business TeamAs an Alliance member, you will work with our Healthcare Management Team of healthcare, insurance and legal professionals, to save you thousands of dollars on your cost of healthcare, insurance and legal services, with the goal of avoiding healthcare poverty.

In addition, you have access to the Core Liberty Legal Protection Plan, which includes free and discounted services of Lawyers and Mediators. As a Member, when you have a need for Legal or Financial services, you make one call, get the help you need and save money.

You can consult with plan-approved and qualified Lawyers and Mediators who work with you to manage conflict and resolve problems early and inexpensively. You can also consult with in-house Financial Counselors who will help you resolve financial issues.

The Basic Liberty Legal and Financial Protection Plan includes:

  • Core Legal and Mediation
  • Core Financial Counseling
  • Core Identity Theft
  • Prepaid Legal
  • Plus Core Legal & Financial Protection Highlights

As a PrepaidLegalPlus Member You Receive:

  • A “One Stop Solution”: when you have a need for Legal and Financial protection you make one call and get the help you need.
  • Core Legal and Mediation: Free 30 Minutes Consultation per legal matter
  • Core Legal and Mediation: Discounts (up to 25%) off the lawyer's or mediator’s rates Access To an open network of Qualified Attorneys and Mediators (5 years’ experience, good standing and professional liability insurance).
  • Free 30 Minutes Consultation for each potential lawsuit with a Conflict Management Attorney to help you resolve disputes early and inexpensively.
  • Mediation and Arbitration Services to help you resolve disputes early and inexpensively and avoid the high cost of lawsuits.
  • Free Core Financial: Consultation with Financial and Debt Counselors Free.
  • Core Identity Theft Protection Service Free Use of our pre-drafted legal document library (over 5,000 legal documents) to reduce your lawyer’s time and save you legal fees.

You'll also have access to the Liberty Basic Wellness Plan, which includes discounted services for health insurance, prescriptions, dental, medical and basic wellness.

Patient Doctor Alliance


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The Patient-Doctor Alliance understands the need for Personalized Healthcare. 

We call on each patient to treat their Doctor fairly and make sure they can make a living practicing medicine. 

We call on each Doctor to "Manage Conflict" with each patient by carefully "Managing Expectations" and "Communicating." 

Conflict Management is the key to reducing costs and optimizing outcomes for the Patient, the Doctor and all the Vendors and Lawyers who make a living from the healthcare transaction.

We encourage conflict resolution through Binding Arbitration preceded by Mediation through the Center for Healthcare Dispute Resolution.

If you have a medical malpractice problem, give us a call.  Friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding options  for resolving your medical malpractice claim early and inexpensively. 

The Solutions are not with government or corporations... the Solutions are in our RELATIONSHIPS The Patient-Doctor Alliance Promotes Patient - Doctor Relationships, Let's put "CARE" into HealthCARE Reform ...

One Patient and One Doctor at a time


Re-engineer e-Claims and Legal Processes to Optimize Resources & Results!

eCCL is an advanced web-based database technology and collaborative business processes that dramatically cut the cost of conflict resolution.

Whether your claim is resolved via negotiated settlement or mediation, or taken to trial and appealed to the Supreme Court, eCCL can help you achieve the best possible results.

Let us show you how eCCL can help you "Rope in Claims Expense" and improve your company's bottom line, measurably, continuously and dramatically.

Call us today to schedule a tour. Contact e-CCL is maintained by Liberty Group, (631) 499-6499.