Attention Doctors: Healthcare Reform May Jeopardize Your Patient Relationships!

TWO-thirds of doctors "oppose the proposed health-care plan," reports an Investors Business Daily/TIPP poll.

Doctor help with malpractise costsAlmost half would "consider leaving their practice or taking an early retirement" if Congress passes its health-care plan. Those who didn't quit would have to learn to "game" the new system by seeing more patients, doing more procedures, providing less care per patient, and becoming less accessible for health-choice discussions.

There is no tort reform or any other real effort to address outrageous rates for malpractice insurance. (Many surgeons and obstetricians pay more than $100,000 per year.) There are no mechanisms to screen out nuisance lawsuits before they can be brought; no penalties for frivolous suits, even though doctors end up winning the vast majority of cases that go to trial.

The Patient-Doctor Alliance takes the concerns of both patients and doctors into account. We endorse needed healthcare reform, and recognize that it can only be accomplished by bringing the Doctors and Patients together to address the major challenges today.

Is there anything you can do now?

YES! Join the Patient Doctor Alliance and let’s “Personalize Healthcare Reform – One Patient, One Doctor at a time.”

As an Alliance Doctor Team Member, you have access to all the valuable “Patient Team” services that protect you and your family from exorbitant healthcare, insurance and legal bills as well as specialized Healthcare financial and legal services that promote the profitability of your practice and protect your license and livelihood.

Sign up today and your “Personalized Professional Team” will get your “Practice Profitability and Protection Plan” underway as soon as possible.

Join the patient  doctor alliance

Alliance Doctor Team Plan:

As an Alliance Doctor Team Member, you benefit from:

Access To Cash-Paying Patient Referrals: Immediately boost your profitability from:

  • Membership in The Alliance Doctor and Healthcare Professional Referral Network.

  • Participation in Alliance Healthcare Channel Partner referral networks (i.e. Ameriplan, eHealthinsurance, HSA-enabled Health Insurance Programs, etc.).

  • Access to Doctor Directed Programs for Wellness, Weight Loss, Aesthetics and other cash-generating healthcare disciplines.

  • Attract and retain more patients by offering your patients a FREE Alliance Patient Plan and receiving referrals from your “Personalized Professional Team.”

Discounts on Medical Malpractice Insurance

  • Our Total Protection Shield (TPS) Insurance Agency will provide you with a 5-Year Plan to cut your medical malpractice insurance costs by over 30% per year.

  • The Center for Healthcare Dispute Resolution (CHDR) will provide you with Mediation and Arbitration programs to help you resolve claims early and inexpensively, avoid jeopardizing your license and livelihood and provide you with premium credits to further reduce your cost of malpractice insurance.

Free Doctors’ Legal Protection Program to Reduce Legal and Insurance Costs

We'll provide you with access to a network of pre-screened and pre-qualified legal and financial professionals who specialize in servicing healthcare professionals to protect you from exorbitant insurance and legal bills and maximize the profitability of your practice. Specialized asset protection and healthcare law attorneys can provide you with legal documents and asset-protection programs that are specially designed to protect Doctors from lawsuits.

The Alliance helps Doctors to resolve disputes with patients and other healthcare providers early and inexpensively. Even if you are having financial problems and have to file for bankruptcy or sell your practice, your “Personalized Legal and Mediation Professional Team" can provide you with the help you need. The Liberty Legal and Financial Protection Plan includes:

  • Free and discounted services from Alliance Approved Lawyers, Mediators and Financial Planners:
    • 1/2-hour free consultation per matter, plus 25% discounts on legal fees with lawyers who specialize in healthcare, medical malpractice, Alternative Dispute Resolution (mediation and arbitration), insurance and asset protection - all working together to help you maximize practice profitability, increase reimbursements, reduce expenses (especially your cost of medical malpractice insurance) and protect your practice and business from financial disaster.
  • Free legal forms (a $400 value). A library of legal documents that you can access to protect you and your practice from lawsuits and build your own “Personalized Professional Team.”

  • Alternative dispute resolution programs with the Center for Healthcare Dispute Resolution for cooperation and early resolution among doctors and patients to streamline resolution of lawsuits and reduce medical errors and the overwhelming cost of defensive medicine and malpractice claims.

Free Early Intervention and Telephone Consultation Service

  • Specialized healthcare Risk Management Advisory Center (RMAC) – Our legal hotline will provide you with consultations with specialized healthcare lawyers who help you reduce risk, reduce your cost of malpractice insurance and protect your license from government investigations and National Practitioner Databank (NPDB) Reporting.

  • Free One Hour Consultation per legal matter concerning Medical Licensing and the Office for Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC).

  • Special discounted fee schedule to protect your license to practice medicine.

Discounts on Innovative Revenue Cycle Management Programs – Increase Practice Revenues by 10-20%+

The Alliance Revenue Cycle Management Program includes services that help you:

  • Improve collections of deductibles and co-pays

  • Improve collections of patient responsibility payments, post-payer reimbursement

  • Retain collection lawyers, at a 25% discount, should all other collection efforts fail

Free Secure, Personal Document Management (HIPAA Compliant) for managing your “Personalized Professional Team” and Referral Sources

We’ll show you how to use our electronic system to link your "Personalized Professional Team" of Healthcare, Wellness, Insurance/Financial and Legal Professionals into a web-based paperless file... so everyone is working with the same information and communicating better to get more done in less time and reduce the chance of error.

When you use this paperless file to manage your documents, you will know, for sure, which members of your Team are referring business to you and which Team members are receiving referrals from you.

You will also be able to work together with your Team to service your Team’s clients better and share the same documents and information you need to help your patients and clients achieve their goals while you help to protect them from exorbitant healthcare, insurance and legal bills.

Discounts on Professional Services for Electronic Health Records Selection and Implementation and Securing Stimulus Dollars

We’ll help you design and execute your Electronic Health Records Action Plan, along with free and discounted services from technology, legal and financial professionals specialized in securing your Stimulus Dollars (worth $40,000 to $65,000 over the next 5 years).

Free membership in the Liberty Legal Comprehensive Asset & Liability Management “C.A.L.M.” Plan

The C.A.L.M. Plan is a "Comprehensive" legal plan that helps you protect your assets, both family and business, and your livelihood, from the risks of lawsuits. It's the only legal plan that helps you to shield your assets from the claims of creditors with a “Personalized Professional Team” of insurance, financial and legal professionals.

The C.A.L.M. Plan provides the services of a team of highly skilled professionals who use our secure electronic Personal Document Management system to reduce your cost of financial and legal services.

Your Legal Professional team has broad experience in many important legal areas including: Asset Protection, Elder Law, Estates and Trusts, Insurance, Health Care, Real Estate and Technology.

The C.A.L.M. Plan helps you to:

  1. Solve Legal Problems and Disputes Early and Inexpensively.
  2. Reduce Your Cost of Insurance.
  3. Protect Your Family from losing your legacy to a Nursing Home or serious illness
  4. Protect Your Assets and Grow Wealth
  5. Retire sooner … "C.A.L.M." and stress free!

We'll provide a C.A.L.M. Report providing you with strategies, legal structures and recommendations for protecting and growing your assets and residual income sources to assure a secure and prosperous retirement.

The plan is personalized to your specific situation and needs. After your assets are protected for five years, it is possible to reduce your cost of liability insurance by thousands of dollars. Add those thousands of dollars to your asset management plan and retire sooner … "C.A.L.M." and stress free!

Join the patient  doctor alliance

Patient Doctor Alliance

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The “Dr. X Miracle Project.”

The Alliance is working with Dr. X to help Dr. X, a practicing Ob/Gyn (who has relied on insurance company reimbursements), shift a portion of his practice to Aesthetics and Laser Surgery and overcome an eight year history of losing over $150,000 per year for over 8 years.

Without the Alliance and help from Dr. X’s patients, Dr. X won’t be able to avoid bankruptcy.

Meanwhile, Dr. X's wife, a Registered Nurse, has been suffering from serious, recurring cancer. AS a PATIENT, Dr. X’s wife could run up over $200,000 in additional expenses for cancer treatment.

Dr. X is both a Doctor and a Patient who faces financial devastation from a healthcare system that everyone recognizes is broken beyond repair.

Dr. X has 3,000 active patients who love him. Without the Alliance, Dr. X would be afraid that his patients will leave him for another doctor if he asks them to pay for the REASONABLE cost of his services (what the insurance companies refuse to pay). Dr. X estimates that he received another $120 per year per patient, he would be able to stay in the practice of medicine. While we hope that the patient’s health insurance companies would pay Dr. X a reasonable fee for his services, we all know that the insurance companies are squeezing ALL OF US while they make RECORD PROFITS (over $30 Billion Dollars in 2008)!

We have started a “Personalized Healthcare Reform” with Dr. X’s patients, rewarding his patients for their efforts in growing the Alliance and helping the Alliance make meaningful change …