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Patient Doctor Alliance (the Alliance) is a division of Liberty Group (Liberty) which is filed in New York State as Lawyer Management Organizations, Solutions and Technologies (LMOST), LLC.

PDA's collaborative team of healthcare, insurance, legal and mediation professionals share over 200 years of collective experience and work together with a proprietary ClearDecision process that has been proven to: 1. reduce legal expense and insurance costs by over 30%; and 2. protect assets and retirement savings from financial disaster.

PDA has the "experience, technology, knowledge and commitment" that you need to get you the results you want. The PDA legal protection plan works with a network of over 6,500 legal and mediation professionals who service over 30 Million plan members nationally.

The PDA healthcare and wellness plan works with a network of over 80,000 Doctors, Dentists and healthcare professionals who service over 1.5 Million plan members nationally. The PDA mediation and arbitration service works with many national companies including eBay and Paypal servicing a customer base of over 30 Million Customers annually.

The PDA ClearDecision process has been used to manage over 50,000 medical malpractice insurance claims and over 6,500 Realtor E&O claims nationally.

Patient Doctor Alliance


About Patient Doctor Alliance – an Alliance of Trusted Liberty Divisions, Affiliates and Partners

The Alliance - Coordinates Your Personalized Professional Team (PPT) to protect you from exorbitant healthcare, insurance and legal bills.

The Alliance Liberty Channel Partner - JV Teams:

  • Liberty Group - Licenses Technology and Intellectual Property to Liberty Alliance Channel Partners
  • Liberty ADR - Mediation and Arbitration Professional Network
  • Liberty Law - Legal Professional Network
  • Liberty Wellness - Healthcare and Wellness Professional Network
  • Liberty Money - Financial Professional Network (esp. Financial Advisors, Accountants and Asset Protection Attorneys)
  • Liberty Real Estate - Real Estate Professional Network
  • Total Protection Shield - Liberty Insurance Professional Network (JV with Simon Agency and Interstate Healthcare - 1,000 licensed agents in NY, licensed to market medical malpractice insurance in 50 states).
  • Ameriplan - Administers the Liberty Healthcare Professional Network and Healthcare Professional Marketing Network
  • CLC - Adminsters the Liberty Law Professional Network and Legal Professional Marketing Network


Liberty provides Comprehensive Asset & Liability Management (C.A.L.M.) Solutions to businesses and individuals in the “Six Liberty Channels”: Healthcare, Insurance, Law, Real Estate, Technology/ Intellectual Property and Associations.

The Alliance licenses and sublicenses Liberty systems, processes and other intellectual properties to create solutions for “Personalized Healthcare Reform” with “Healthcare Management Teams” that include healthcare, insurance/ financial and legal professionals and other service providers.

Liberty’s C.A.L.M. solutions help professionals in the Six Liberty Channels achieve their personal and professional goals with Liberty’s proprietary ClearDecision – Lawyer Management Organization (LMO) process. These goals are summarized as: 1. "get paid and keep it" (liability management); 2. "protect and grow wealth" (asset management); and 3. "cut the cost of conflict" (alternative dispute resolution).



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The information provided on this site is not intended to be legal advice, but merely to provide the CLS Plan Member with access to Networks of Legal Service Professionals who use our proprietary "ClearDecision" technology to manage the delivery of legal services, manage client expectations and streamline transactions and claim/ conflict resolution processes. Your access to and use of this website is subject to additional terms and conditions.

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