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Waiting for the government to solve the issues we face today isn't the answer... Doctors and Patients have the most at stake in healthcare, and the Alliance is the vehicle to bring them together.

The Patient Doctor Alliance (Alliance) is a community of Patients and Physicians working together to reduce the cost of healthcare, insurance and legal services.

Doctor and PatientThe Patient Doctor Alliance Promotes Patient-Doctor Relationships, Putting "CARE" into HealthCARE Reform... One Patient and One Doctor at a Time!

Alliance members are committed to working together to create solutions for our healthcare affordability crisis. Without these Alliance-driven solutions, most Americans will continue to be only one serious illness away from healthcare poverty... even bankruptcy... regardless of how government-driven healthcare reform eventually passes.

A recent study found that 62 percent of all bankruptcies filed in 2007 were linked to medical expenses. Of those who filed for bankruptcy, nearly 80 percent had health insurance. About 1.5 million families lose their homes to foreclosure every year due to unaffordable medical costs. (

"Health care spending continues to rise at a rapid rate forcing businesses to cut back on health insurance coverage and forcing many families to cut back on basic necessities such as food and electricity and, in some cases, shelters and homes.

Experts agree that our health care system is riddled with inefficiencies, excessive administrative expenses, inflated prices, poor management and inappropriate care, waste and fraud.

Even without the current government-planned healthcare reform, small businesses will pay nearly $2.4 trillion dollars over the next ten years in health care costs for their workers, 178,000 small business jobs will be lost by 2018 as a result of health care costs, $834 billion in small business wages will be lost due to high health care costs over the next ten years, small businesses will lose $52.1 billion in profits to high health care costs..."

With the current proposed government plan, the picture may even become worse.

Is there anything you can do now?

YES! Join the Patient Doctor Alliance and let’s “Personalize Healthcare Reform – One Patient, One Doctor at a Time.”

The Patient-Doctor Alliance offers you a wide range of options to protect you and your family from exorbitant healthcare, insurance and legal bills.

Sign up today for your FREE Alliance Patient Membership and our Health Savings Pros will get your plan started as soon as possible.

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Free Alliance-Patient Plan

Here's what your FREE Alliance-Patient Membership Includes:

Wellness Program

We'll help you to coordinate your wellness program through special pricing on Doctor assisted weight-loss programs and discount programs for vision, hearing, prescription and nursing benefits

The roadmap to coordinating your "Personalized Professional Team"

We’ll show you how the Alliance can help you to coordinate your "Personalized Professional Team" of Healthcare, Wellness, Insurance/Financial and Legal Professionals to protect you and your family from exorbitant healthcare, insurance and legal bills.

Health-Insurance and Health-Expense Reduction Program

We'll prepare a review of your Health Insurance, Discount Healthcare Service and Health Savings Account options specifically tailored to meet your needs and budget.

You'll also receive a discount on the Liberty–Ameriplan Total Health Plan, which includes:

  • Discounts on most Medical Specialties, Dentists, Podiatrists, Chiropractors, Physical Therapy, Laboratory procedures, Imaging Centers, Hearing Services, Mental Health Services and Diabetic Supplies).

  • Hospital Advocacy Program (which has saved some members over $100,000 on their hospital bills).

When you take control of your healthcare spending, you become part of the solution. Doctors are greatly burdened by the current payment bureaucracy - often waiting months for payment for their services. Alliance Doctor Team Members are able to improve their practices' cash-flow by recommending special programs that provide discount to cash-paying Alliance members.

Resolution of healthcare disputes through Alternative Dispute Resolution (mediation and arbitration)

While conflict can happen in any relationship, nowhere has conflict caused so much damage and cost America so much money as the current healthcare litigation bonanza. We ALL wind up paying for the enormous cost of meritless litigation.

By providing a standardized agreement to first resolve healthcare disputes through mediation and arbitration, the Alliance is helping Doctors and their Patients to bring about grassroots tort reform (which the government and special interest groups refuse to do) and avoid the devastating cost of litigation.

Mediation and arbitration is a speedy and fair way to settle any conflict that may arise between you and your health care professional. And, when you resolve a legitimate claim through early mediation, you can reduce litigation expenses (i.e., deposition costs, expert witness fees, etc.) and end up with more money in your pocket.

Healthcare Reform Begins Now!

There's never been a better time for both you and your Doctor to team up to solve the problems caused by runaway legal awards, skyrocketing malpractice insurance, and the high cost of medicine. Bringing Doctors and patients together now will keep America's healthcare system the best in the world.

Let’s face it... while we can only hope that the American healthcare system will be improved by Federal and State government initiatives over the next two to five to ten years... the Patient Doctor Alliance can start fixing things TODAY... one patient and one doctor at a time.

Join Today! Your Membership Is FREE.

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Patient Doctor Alliance

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Let’s face it, while we can only hope that the American healthcare system will be improved by Federal and State government initiatives over the next two to five to ten years, the Patient Doctor Alliance can start fixing things TODAY …one patient and one doctor at a time. Take Action Today!

“One Patient and One Doctor at a time.”